1. Remove the ashtray from the dashboard of your Defender. If there is a metal insert left behind, remove this as well.
  2. Take the clip assembly and remove the two screws from the underside.
  3. Place the clip assembly onto the base assembly and press down firmly until the parts come together. You may find it easier to do this on a flat surface. It should look like this: 03 - Assembled 1
  4. Now, fit the two screws through the base assembly into the clip assembly04 - Assembled 2
  5. Next take the retainer 05 - Retainer
  6. and with the nuts facing down fit the 2x M4 screws loosely: just a few turns so the retainer is attached. It should look like this: 06 - Full Assembly
  7. Next, tilt the assembly and put one end of the retainer into the hole in the dash where the ashtray was. Slide it along and once it’s in far enough you’ll be able to drop the other end in. Once you’ve done that, you can centralise it using the locator under the base assembly as a guide.
  8. Next, gently tighten the 2x M4 screws to clamp it in place. They only need to be nipped up enough to stop it all moving – too much and the clamp can snap.
I hope this helps. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks again for your order and I hope you enjoy using it!