VW Amarok Phone Holder




This phone holder is designed to fit in the dashboard centre tray of your VW Amarok. The standard VW accessory mounts are lower down, so you have to look further away from the road when following your sat-nav. Clearly visible to driver and passenger, placing it up high like this puts the phone more in your eye-line for better safety.

It’s secured in place with 3M VHB tape (included) so no drilling required. The back clip is sprung to accommodate different phone widths up to 90mm. It’s not limited on length. To use, insert the top of the phone and lift the sprung clip then drop the bottom edge of the phone into the slot and release.

This is a 3D printed product, but it’s made from high-temperature material, is tough and will tolerate life in your truck just fine. Due to the manufacturing process there are fine ridges on the surface of the parts: this is totally normal. They can be rubbed down with glass paper and painted like any other plastic should you wish, but I only offer them ‘as manufactured’.